Revamped cow pages on

I have overhauled the cow pages on They now look nice and cow-like in the same style as the cow games page, which looks a bit like this page too. In particular, there is a new cow jokes page, based largely on the cow Christmas cracker jokes post I did on this weblog just before Christmas, and a revamped cow songs and poems page. The list of cow pages is now as follows:

  • Cow games: a list of cow-themed games playable on the web.
  • Famous cows: a list of famous cows of myth, legend, history, and culture.
  • Cow jokes: a collection of cow jokes.
  • Cow songs and poems: a list of cow songs and poems.
  • Breeds of cow: information about breeds of cows and links to further information.

I am always interested to hear of new entries for any of these pages, but particularly for the latter, which is still quite short, although I am being picky: I would like poems or songs where the mention of cows is not incidental, which are preferably classic or by classic authors, and which are not simply doggerel (cowwerel?) for children. There isn’t a lot, as far as I can see.