Aurlog is the personal weblog of Orangeaurochs, sometimes known as Tom, or Aurochs on services where you can’t change your username.


You can find me on various places on the web as Orangeaurochs. Some of these may require registration, at least to see my profile:

I live in Sandy, Bedfordshire. I created and administer a Facebook group for the town, which now has over 100 members, and a Flickr group which has 13 members and almost 200 photos. Similar attempts to create groups on Myspace (5 members) and  Ning (defunct) were rather less successful, although I have trouble regretting that. See also my 2007 post Sandy on the web.


I look like this. This photo was taken in the British Museum, where I happened to be looking round the Greek artifacts at the time. I work about 10 minutes from the British Library but have visited it only a handful of times in 13 years.

My Other Weblog’s in Latin…

I also have a couple of other weblogs on the go:

  • Orange Lies: A pale imitation of the sadly now defunct Scaryduck’s House of Lies.
  • Arantius Urus: A blog to support my latest failed attempt to learn Latin. The latest post, dated August 2007, defiantly says it all: “Hoc ephemeris est non mortuum.”

Family, Friends, and Others




    • Scaryduck: A very funny collection of tales of mirth and woe based in Weymouth. The condensed films in textspeak are a highlight. May contain swears.

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