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Aurlog safely moved to new host

Although you probably want to read a post about this weblog less than you want to read a post on this weblog, I wanted to mark the fact that Aurlog has now moved host for the first time since it started and seems to be working. Hooray!

I would like to thank Stuart for hosting it for so long, helping me with lots of technical things over the years, and for his help in moving the content to the new server, especially the evening spent as IM technical support in updating WordPress. The new host, eUKHost, have also been very helpful and remarkably patient as I asked them lots of idiotic questions to make sure this blog worked before I made it live on their server. I will be moving another site to their server soon, so that should test their customer care skillz again.

I have finally been playing with the site to move it off the generic WordPress theme (although, again, I suspect you don’t care, especially if you read this through a feed reader). I always planned to do a new theme of my own as I had done with Blosxom but I fear this is a larger undertaking than I realised and I couldn’t be arsed, so I went for Atahuelpa which looked vaguely similar to what I wanted anyway (something like this) and seems customisable to the nth degree, some of which I have done. I would recommend installing it just to see the size of the Save changes button. I really should update the About page as well.

I would like to start posting a bit more. One reason I don’t is that I discovered online correspondence chess, which I play at the excellent Hopefully I’ll post something about that.

Roman dates return!

Following yesterdays lament at the loss of my lovely Roman dates, sil has kindly converted my old Blosxom plugin (get the plugin itself from the Unofficial Blosxom User Group version 2 plugin list: it’s called date_roman-v0i1) to WordPress, so I now have them back. Hooray! Now no-one will know what the date of any of my posts are again!

BTW, if you want to beware the Ides of March, they are on Sunday

Aurlog conversion done

The conversion of this weblog to new software is, as the Emperor would say, complete. It all went rather well in the end, including the transfer of comments, which is a bonus. As a reader I really doubt if you care about any of this, but these notes may be useful to anyone wanting to do the same thing, as well to me, so nerr.

To convert from Blosxom to locally installed WordPress, I tried DeWitt Clinton’s blosxom_to_wp_import programme, but this fell down as the WordPress wiki wasn’t joking when it said it was “picky about html correctness”. I then tried one from Insanum, which worked very well aside from not recognising “../” when it looked for a file in the same directory. I got rid of that bit and it worked fine. You have to do a little bit of fiddling round to set up the template or theme, then it’s merely a matter of battling with Firefox not liking to show updated XML files for some reason. The instructions were generally very good.

Posts came across perfectly except for minor character coding issues, which I think were my fault. They were dated OK (although I’ve lost my lovely Roman dates). Comments also came across although I didn’t expect them to. They have however lost their original dates, which I can live with. I have already managed to delete the 1675 spam messages using the Comments bit on WordPress. This is a lot easier.

What hasn’t come across are the Permalinks, as on blosxom I used multilevel category paths and these were lost in the conversion. This is not exactly the most popular blog in the world so there this isn’t the end of said world. Using mod_rewrite magik (with some hints from Halvorsen), I have however managed to make sure the ten most looked-at posts from the last year or so will redirect. I have also managed to make sure that the old index.rss and index.xml feeds still work as well as the new /feed/ feed that WordPress uses. No-one read my index.atom feed, so screw that: it’s gone. Tags have also gone, but I can rebuild those, at least for the posts which deserve them.

I should also thank sil, who kindly suggested I install WordPress using Subversion, which made it a breeze and who happily answered my various idiotic questions along the way, as always.

Do feel free to help me test how comments work by writing crap in the comments to this post.