Cow Games

All the following games (except Ben & Jerry's Action Toy Cow) are playable online. I have only included games I could try out, however briefly. I have also left out the irritating mad cows javascript programme that shows an unfunny conversation between three cows and which turns up in various places. See also Cow games from Bovine Bazaar. Please let me know if you know of any cow games to be added.


By Tom. JavaScript version of the board game Othello using cows instead of counters with simple computer opponent.

Cow Solitaire

By Tom. Peg solitaire but with cows instead of pegs.

Cow Memory

Pairs with cows. Turn the wooden pieces over to see the pairs of photographs.


Cow sliding tile puzzle.


From Holstein Canada. Noughts and crosses with different coloured cow patches instead of noughts and crosses symbols.


Java noughts and crosses played on a cow board but with normal symbols.

Cow-nnect 4

Java version of Connect 4 with cow patches instead of discs.

Milk Panic

Flash game in which you must milk the cows before they explode while also making sure the farmer's pale does not get too full. Does indeed induce some kind of panic.

Cow Tipping

Flash game in which you must milk the cows before they explode while also making sure the farmer's pale does not get too full. Does indeed induce some kind of panic.

Cyborg Hefers from Outer Space

Flash game in which you must control a jet plane and shoot down the aforementioned Cyborg He[i]fers.


Flash game. Fight against Mike Bison in the boxing ring: "Kick ass bison busting action".

Killer Cows

By Klaus Kroon. A Flash shoot-em-up in which you must save the planet by defeating the evil mutated killer cows from Jupiter.

Milk the Cow

Flash game. Bewildering and fast game vaguely similar to Whack-a-Mole. Click on the cows as they speed towards you to milk them and fill up your pail.

Udder Insanity

Java game. Requires you to milk cows before they explode. A shotgun is also involved.

Moo Cow Madness

Flash game. Rotate the cow to aim cow pats at the UFOs before they hit you.

IQ Marathon

Flash multi-level puzzle game. Guide the cow round the obstacles using the special squares.

Mookie's Arcade

Java game. Mookie is the mascot of the Delaware Cows baseball team. Try to catch the baseballs while avoiding the beer bottles.

Cow Pie

Javascript game. Hit the steaks falling from the sky with cow pats from the cow at the bottom of the screen.

Pass the Cows

Java game from Goetze's Candy. Pass the Pigs but with cows. Sadly, although there are rudimentary graphics on the score table it is basically a textual game.

Nine Cows

Java game from Goetze's Candy. A lovely little puzzle game, where you must put all nine cows in a grid to sleep without waking any neighbours.

VR Milking

Shockwave game. A memory game like Simon Says, except that you have to milk the teats on Cocoa the cow's udders in the correct sequence. Really. It also requires some mouse skill to do the milking action correctly.

Mad Cow

Flash game. A kind of shoot-em-up. Hit the mad cows and avoid the sane ones.

Save the Cow

From Holstein Canada. Hangman, but where each failure to guess a letter results in the removal of part of a cow.

Theseus and the Minotaur

Terrifying re-enactment of the epic encounter between Greek hero Theseus and the Minotaur. Not for the faint hearted.

Cuts of Beef

A sort of puzzle: "drag the cuts of beef to where they come from" on a picture of a cow. See also Name That Cow below.

Name That Cow

From Holstein Canada. Correctly name different parts of a cow. See also Cuts of Beef above.

Crazy for Cows quiz


Cow In and Out Game

Simple educational game: "The object of the Cow In and Out Game is to separate items into the following categories, 'Into a cow', 'From a cow', and 'No cow'."

Colour in a cow online.

Ben & Jerry's Action Toy Cow

A cut-out template of the Ben & Jerry cow to print off.