Roman date plugin for Blosxom

Aurlog now uses Roman-style dates for dating, at least for the time being. The dates are Gregorian dates expressed in Roman notation. It would be impossible to express true Roman dates as the Romans used a 10 day week, used the Julian calendar rather than the Gregorian, and reckoned years according to ruling consuls of which there have not been any in Rome for some time. This means that there are no days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) and years are anno domini numbers converted into Roman numerals (as used by the BBC at the end of their programmes, for example). The conventional Gregorian date can be found by putting the mouse over the date, at least in those browsers supporting the title attribute.

I have also written Kalends, a simple programme based on the same code which converts any given date. The dating system is based on the rules and guidelines provided by Paul Lewis’s Roman calendar pages.

Incidentally, today, 25 February, is the Roman equivalent of 29 February: the day inserted into leap years, hence the funny bis.

6 thoughts on “Roman date plugin for Blosxom

  1. “according to ruling consuls of which there have not been any in Rome for some time.”

    Go by USian presidents and vice presidents instead 🙁

  2. A good idea. That is, if you accept the American presidents and VPs to be in any way the successors to the consuls of Rome. Popes would be a good one and would be a continuous run from consular times, although there is (usually) only one of them and their appointment runs on (again, usually) until death rather than for a year. Ditto, US presidents I suppose, as theirs is a four year term, which would need some royal-style designation, such as “in the 3rd year of president Reagan’s first administration” or something.

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