Friend has weblog

Andy has started a new weblog called Philosophical Transactions of the GPSOE*. Go and read it for it shall be excellent. His first post is called Godzilla and Beaker investigate the credit crunch and explains why the current financial crisis is

going to break the economies of the west like a dry twig and leave us queuing for soup and using our iPhones to plug that gap between the cardboard walls of our hovel that the wind whistles through so cruelly

and what Government are doing to prevent it, which all makes a lot more sense than it did before. Go and read it, then subscribe to it!

* The GPSOE is a shadowy and secret organisation of intellectuals who look to history and philosophical debate to examine and solve the mysteries of the day and the past. It is by means the sort of fake secret society that young men are alleged to relish setting up for the fun of it: like the Priory of Sion it is deadly serious: I know because I found some documents about the GPSOE in a really prestigious and very public place** which I lost down the back of sofa to be stolen by Them.***
** Like the Bibliothèque National, that sort of thing
*** You see, only They would stoop to such levels and this proves that this is real as they took away the evidence that would prove it!!! See! ****
**** You can tell this is all true as there are footnotes.