Library diversification

Scaryduck suggests that libraries would make ideal arenas for paintball, a move which would help to give the staff greater feelings of empowerment:

For, and let’s be perfectly frank here, there’s nothing Miss Peabody, who has sat meekly behind the counter for 27 years wants more than to rampage through the Dewey Decimal System screaming “DIEDIEDIEYOUFUCKER Shhhhhhhhhhh!” whilst pumping red-hot paint blobs at the inert and partially-clothed body of a colleague who once filed Charles Darwin under ‘Fiction’.


Incidentally, looking through the comments for the above post I came across an excellent and very succinct summary by Mouser of the library qualification system:

But for a year of full-time study, £3,000 and a series of increasingly-meaningless essays you too can hold a qualification in library science, so that you can answer all those difficult and important questions. 99% of which can be answered with:

  1. Yes, you will have to pay it.
  2. It’s probably being shelved.
  3. Over there, under that sign that says ‘Toilet’