Happy New Year

To mark the new year, here are this site’s version of the new year’s honours for you not to be interested in. The figures for this weblog come from Blogflux Mapstats, the figures for the site as a whole come from Google Analytics.


Top tag (not counting homepage): sandy bedfordshire

Top post: Et In Arcadia Ego

Top referrer (not counting my work homepage):

‘Los guardianes del secreto’ from Cí­rculo Escéptico (which links to the Et In Arcadia Ego anagrams post)

Top search phrase: “aurochs”


Top page: Cow Games (over half of all visits)
Top referrer: Miles Mendoza’s Website of the Day (this links to Cow Solitaire)
Top search: Cow Games cow games (over half of all searches)

Much of the site which gets little attention from me seems to get more attention from others.