Hiding 260/264 Field Pop-Up Suggestions on Alma

Below is a way to hide drop-down menus from popping up suggesting values in fields like the 260/264 field in the Alma Metadata Editor, e.g. this kind of thing:

Please be aware that it does affect all “suggestion” drop-downs in Alma, including ones that may have been set up locally (e.g., the 336) or any that you might actually find useful. It is quicker than it looks to implement and works (for me at least) on both Firefox and Chrome:

  • .suggestion-popup {display: none}

    • Click on “Save”
    • It should now be working. Below is a screenshot of what it should look like:

    All it really does is not display any boxes which are in the CSS class “suggestion-popup”- technically they’re still there somewhere.