General Election candidates in North East Bedfordshire

The five candidates so far for the North East constituency are the following. So far no Greens or independents that I know of:

Alistair Burt (Conservative), the sitting MP since 2001:
Lives: Wootton, Bedfordshire (in Mid Bedfordshire constituency)
Qualified solicitor, and executive recruitment consultant (Presumably all former positions as currently lists no other paid jobs in his declaration of interests on his website)
Photo (from Flickr user Nick Treby):

Ed Brown (Labour)
Lives: North London? (The biography on his website implies he lives in North London: “Ed is also active in local labour party [sic] activities in North London and is a school governor at Brecknock primary school in Camden.”)
Photo (from Flickr user Nick Treby):

Mike Pitt (Liberal Democrat)
Lives: Cambridge? (The biography on his website implies that he lives in Cambridge as he is a city councillor there: “He has experience as a Councillor in Cambridge, where he is portfolio holder with responsibility for Environmental and Waste Services on Cambridge City Council.”
Maths teacher
Photo (from Flickr user Nick Treby):

Brian Capell (United Kingdom Independence Party)
Website: No website afaik but some information from a Bedford Today article.
Lives: Wymington, Bedfordshire (in North East Bedfordshire constituency)
Retired financial advisor and ex-headteacher
Photo (from Flickr user Nick Treby):

Ian Seeby (British National Party)
Lives: Broxbourne, Hertfordshire (“but does occasionally visit Biggleswade with a friend” lol)
Unemployed groundsman
Photo (from BNP Eastern Region website):

Interestingly, only the UKIP candidate lives in the constituency. Even the sitting MP lives just outside it. I would have thought too that the BNP’s attitude to immigration would extend to local matters and that a truly local candidate could be found. At least he visits Biggleswade with a friend. The Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates seem a little shy about where they live on their websites. The Lib Dem person will at least have watched some of the same local news on the telly as I have, with his Cambridge links, which is more than can be said of the metropolitan Labour candidate.

General information on the North East Bedfordshire constituency is available from the following sites:

UK Polling Report:
BBC News:

Some local campaign leaflets are available from I should really contribute to this.