Two visions of Hell

Here are two visions of hell to ponder. Firstly: I never particularly hated school or anything, but the strapline on the latest Trutex catalogue we got from our son’s school did frighten me a bit:

It’s term time all the time with Trutex.

They managed to trump the depressing Back to skool mantra that wrecks summer holidays with something truly scary. Even more horrifying, however, is the following advert being carried at the moment by London buses:

Win Michael Bublé tickets every day!

Can you imagine? After a few nights, just when you’re looking forward to a quiet night in watching the most excellent and realistic archaeological BBC drama Bonekickers, you get the phone call that you’ve won again and you have to steel yourself for yet another excruciating evening of award-winning big band entertainment…

Still, anything’s better than braised enterovirus.