Top of the Pops gone

Top of the Pops has now gone and thank goodness. At least now we will now not have to endure stories of its decline, relaunch, and relaunch. The last five years or so has been a bit like watching Tim Henman at Wimbledon: he’s still number 1, they say, but still fails to produce the goods. I blame the miming. And the shit music. A more thoughtful, and probably accurate, analysis has been provided by yet another BBC navel-gazing article.

1 thought on “Top of the Pops gone

  1. I’m glad that it’s been put out of its misery. However, the last show yesterday which featured several execrable “classic” performances, and made me wonder whether it was actually ever any good. The most vaguely daring things that seemed to have happened on TOTP in the last 40 years were David Bowie putting his arm round Mick Ronson and Kurt Cobain’s Morrissey impression. Beyond that it was Madonna’s pink wig and Damon Albarn’s tracksuit, which as we should all remember “changed everything” for precisely no-one.

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