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Top of the Pops gone

Top of the Pops has now gone and thank goodness. At least now we will now not have to endure stories of its decline, relaunch, and relaunch. The last five years or so has been a bit like watching Tim Henman at Wimbledon: he’s still number 1, they say, but still fails to produce the goods. I blame the miming. And the shit music. A more thoughtful, and probably accurate, analysis has been provided by yet another BBC navel-gazing article.


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Willington rowing lake to go ahead

The BBC reports that the proposed Olympic rowing lake at Willington will go ahead despite the inadequate local transport and the fact it will most likely scupper the Bedford to Cambridge railway proposals. All for a crappy training lake- it won’t actually see any competition- which will probably be largely useless come 2013. At least it will be part of a larger park, although I’m not sure what the effect will be on the existing cycle path between Sandy and Bedford via Willington (which would of course be banjo’d if the railway was to come in any case).

In other Bedfordshire train news, the police have introduced a passenger metal detector scanning pilot at Flitwick station of all places. I appreciate Luton has rather put Bedfordshire on the terror map, but really. I like that Inspector John Seamarks of British Transport Police said that Flitwick is not noted for high levels of violent disorder or anti-social behaviour and this operation is aimed at keeping it that way throughout the summer holidays when many young people use the trains to travel from town to town. Obviously, it’s best to concentrate resources on places that have no crime in order to make sure that there isn’t any.

Tory rail reorganisation

According to Conservative Home, the Conservatives, or David Cameron as they’re now known, are thinking about reorganising the railways so that companies run both track and trains, which I believe is how the Japanese do these things. Apparently this would be more efficient and require less subsidy. Hurray.

The article also seems to suggest that a Review of the rail network by the Conservative Party is in the offing. I’m not sure how this squares with the quite definite plans outlined above. Maybe the review will be like an undergraduate essay with all the formalities of research and reading done after the essay has been largely written.

Sandy pubs

Pubchatter has interesting and fairly accurate description of Sandy. Most of the article is, naturally enough, about the pubs of the town which, sadly, I am not actually that greatly experienced enough to argue with. However this short run-in to the article gives a fair impression:

The town has many hairdressers, a great kebab house (which does fantastic pizza), a bakery, a butchers and a nail/tanning place and as well as the other essentials, like Budgens (which is a small supermarket for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure!), several Estate Agents and a bookies.

As an aside, it doesn’t add that Sandy, for such a small town, tends to have two of things: two Lloyds chemists a few doors down from eachother, one of them sizeable; two Forbuoys newsagents across the market square from eachother, and now two Budgens, since the new little one finally filled the vacancy on the Fallowfield estate to the north of the town.

As a further aside, the bakery is cracking if not spectacular, especially for the price. And, note that it’s not just me mentioning the number of hairdressers.

I do agree that the Queen’s Head is my favourite pub, as it is for my Dad who usually insists on a visit when he comes to see us. We contemplated a visit to the Lord Roberts one time, but when I explained that they had discontinued the meat raffles and the karaoke, whose ghostly wailing used to drift across the deseted market square on winter evenings, in favour of something more akin to Weatherspoons, he was put off and we went to the Queen’s Head again. I think it was the word Weatherspoons that did it. I haven’t gone back to the Bell since I went in there one summer’s afternoon, was made to feel like a nuisance because I wasn’t a regular clogging up the bar space, and was served a shandy where (and I’m no connoisseur) both the beer and the lemonade tasted so watered down we couldn’t finish it. I’m sure that was a just a bad day.

Work to do in Arlesey

Someone in Arlesey has some work to do on his house.