CILIP’s membership message

CILIP (via Edith Speller) have come up with a shortlist of ‘membership messages’, the idea being that:

If someone asks you “why join CILIP?” can you give a simple, compelling answer?

Well, apparently now you can, and since I have been asking this question for a while now, I was most intrigued to know what these compelling reasons are. You will have to look at the website via the link above to see what the items on the shortlist actually are, as this organisation for information professionals has provided the list as an image without any alternative text, so I can’t cut and paste some examples. Thank goodness my visual impairment only extends as far as short-sightedness.

However, they are all of the following ilk:

CILIP: progressing your career, advancing your knowledge

Presumably this knowledge doesn’t include web standards. In all seriousness, what use is a phrase like that to someone who wants to know why they should join CILIP? Maybe they should stick to paying people to join.

1 thought on “CILIP’s membership message

  1. CILIP: because together we can make a difference!

    Yes. What CILIP needs is clearly this kind of mission statement in lieu of actually, y’know, _making_ a difference.

    Have you emailed marketing@cilip to complain about the lack of alt attributes and to say: are you all brain dead suckers?

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