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Re:Link Suggestion

I shouldn’t really get wound up by this sort of thing, but I sometimes get almost reasonable sounding requests for links or link exchanges, but what really gets my goat is the implication that they’ve been actually browsing through my site and just had to propose that I link to their site/product for the good of my users and that I should spend actual time perusing theirs. The most recent one is this (links removed but otherwise verbatim):

Hi there,

I’ve been looking through your site at:

As it provides information and links for jobseekers, I thought I’d suggest a link for a UK jobs website that you could put on your site:

The good thing about AllTheTopBananas is that it works more like a search engine – the results are an index of companies’ and agencies’ own websites and therefore link directly to them for viewing of job details, so you can apply more directly with the agency or company you are interested in. This is great for jobseekers, as they can job hunt on multiple different sites with a single search.

The result is 200,000+ jobs all in one search!

You can search by region to get a more localised search to find the exact town or village you are hoping to work in. We also have a CV database for recruiters, and a jobs gadget which allows you to display, on your webpage, specific jobs that you or your users may be interested in.

We would appreciate it if you would take the time to have a look at our site and consider us for your webpage.


I’ve sent the following reply:

Hello there,

I’ve been checking through my site at:

I notice it provides absolutely no information and links for jobseekers, so I’d suggest no link to any jobs website, such as:

The good thing about is that it has separate pages for different topics and you can therefore link directly to them and apply directly to the webmaster about the page you are interested in. This is great for SEO staff, as they can hunt for inbound link opportunities on multiple different sites but get taken more seriously.

The result is lots of pages all with their own URL!

You can search using the site’s internal navigation to find the exact page you hoping to link from.

I took the time to look at your site. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to have a look at my site before considering sending this kind of arguably spam email. Maybe if you’d sent the email with the following link I’d have been more impressed:


Last time I sent a similar though less sarcastic reply, they weren’t very imp