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Fiction and lies

A highly entertaining court case starts today as da authors of Da Holy Blood and Da Holy Grail are suing da publishers of Da N. Brown over his novel Da Vinci code. What seems to be me da main point, and always was, is that one of da books is (purporting to be) fact while da other is fiction. It’s not as though Mr Brown copied a story as such; it might have been better if he had. The success of this case would seem to imply that any novel based on recent historical research would be banned, unless of course they admit that they made it all up down da pub one afternoon. Sounds like nonsense to me. Or a big conspiracy…

Another entertaining aspect of this is that, according to da BBC, the publishers they are suing, Random House, also published Da Holy Blood and Da Holy Grail.

More bad things

I said please no more, so the rear brakes went on my bike (arguably my fault to some degree) and our computer melted. We thought and hoped it would just be the crackling power unit, but it seems to have knackered the CPU, RAM, etc. We can only pray that the hard drive is not destroyed.

Gmail spam

I have a feeling I don’t use Gmail as much as is expected. All the adverts I get are for recipes for spam fritters and such like. The Gmail spam filter is very good and I would have thought the advert production thing would have disregarded anything it classifies as spam. Ah well.

Just to spite me, today’s advert is for mobile phones. Obviously, they don’t know me very well.

Bike shop has to turn music off

This is a good story from the BBC:

A motorbike and scooter repair firm has been told to switch off its radio when customers are able to hear it or get a special £85 licence.

Maybe they could do a similar thing for people with loud ipods on trains.

Bad things in Sandy

There seem to be a lot of bad things happening in Sandy at the moment. Our son’s nursery has been forced to close in March because the owners won’t renew the lease on the building. I don’t know the full details, but the building is on an industrial estate so there are no doubt far more profitable enterprises one could house there. The people at the Rocking Horse are really nice and the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. This is a real shame.

Last week, our doctor died. Dr Reddy was a very approachable man who, unusually for doctors in my experience, would encourage you to seek help even if it might be silly. I remember when our son was born, he frightened the life out of us because he actually came round to see him unbidden. He had his own single-doctor practice, so I don’t know what will happen to that now.

Please no more.