FRBR Example: The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje

By Orangeaurochs based on an example given on the Library of Congress's Displays for Multiple Versions from MARC 21 and FRBR. Items information was added by me based on local fields used at the library I work at. This page uses aqtree3clickable.js by sil. This example is discussed in Practical cataloguing by Anne Welsh and Sue Batley (London : Facet, 2012).

Please feel free to copy this page and edit it to suit local examples or needs. The HTML source should be easy to edit, and the aqtree3clickable instructions give you what files you need to make it work (one .js, one .css, and four .gifs: no editing of these files needed at all). I would be happy to consider hosting an alternative version if anyone wants it.

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