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Minimising images in a Twitter feed on Firefox

Recent changes to the standard Twitter timeline have resulted in all images in posts being expanded, thereby interrupting the compressed textual display. Here is a simple way to minimise embedded images in posts on a Twitter feed on Firefox. It uses Firefox’s ability to set up a custom stylesheet so that styles can be applied on top of or instead of those supplied by the website’s creator.

  1. Find your Firefox profile folder[*] and look for a folder called chrome. If it’s not there, create it.
  2. In the chrome folder, create a file called userContent.css and open it in a text editor.
  3. Add the following line to the file: a.twitter-timeline-link img {width:15% !important;}
  4. Save userContent.css.
  5. Restart Firefox
  6. Hurrah, hopefully. It works for me.

It should reduce the large images down to a little blob. It’s not the most elegant looking blob, but it’s small and clickable.

[*] The profile folder will normally live somewhere in a path like Appdata\Mozilla\Firefox, at least on Windows.