Aurlog safely moved to new host

Although you probably want to read a post about this weblog less than you want to read a post on this weblog, I wanted to mark the fact that Aurlog has now moved host for the first time since it started and seems to be working. Hooray!

I would like to thank Stuart for hosting it for so long, helping me with lots of technical things over the years, and for his help in moving the content to the new server, especially the evening spent as IM technical support in updating WordPress. The new host, eUKHost, have also been very helpful and remarkably patient as I asked them lots of idiotic questions to make sure this blog worked before I made it live on their server. I will be moving another site to their server soon, so that should test their customer care skillz again.

I have finally been playing with the site to move it off the generic WordPress theme (although, again, I suspect you don’t care, especially if you read this through a feed reader). I always planned to do a new theme of my own as I had done with Blosxom but I fear this is a larger undertaking than I realised and I couldn’t be arsed, so I went for Atahuelpa which looked vaguely similar to what I wanted anyway (something like this) and seems customisable to the nth degree, some of which I have done. I would recommend installing it just to see the size of the Save changes button. I really should update the About page as well.

I would like to start posting a bit more. One reason I don’t is that I discovered online correspondence chess, which I play at the excellent Hopefully I’ll post something about that.