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CILIP’s membership message

CILIP (via Edith Speller) have come up with a shortlist of ‘membership messages’, the idea being that:

If someone asks you “why join CILIP?” can you give a simple, compelling answer?

Well, apparently now you can, and since I have been asking this question for a while now, I was most intrigued to know what these compelling reasons are. You will have to look at the website via the link above to see what the items on the shortlist actually are, as this organisation for information professionals has provided the list as an image without any alternative text, so I can’t cut and paste some examples. Thank goodness my visual impairment only extends as far as short-sightedness.

However, they are all of the following ilk:

CILIP: progressing your career, advancing your knowledge

Presumably this knowledge doesn’t include web standards. In all seriousness, what use is a phrase like that to someone who wants to know why they should join CILIP? Maybe they should stick to paying people to join.

Big Brother 2006 rss feed

As a follower of Big Brother I am always disappointed that they don’t have an rss feed for their news. So, I decided to use Feed43 which screenscrapes websites to provide feeds, with a little setting up. I configured a feed which you can find at I have subscribed to it on Bloglines and will see how it goes over the next few days.

Lordi Lordi it’s Eurovision!

It’s Eurovision this weekend, and the highlight this year seems to be Finland, who have entered a death metal band called Lordi (the Lord). As the BBC reports, there are five band members whose real names are apparently a mystery but “are known as Amen the unstoppable mummy, Enary the manipulative valkyrie, Kalma the biker-zombie and Kita the alien manbeast”; vocals are by Lordi, whose real name Wikipedia actually gives as Tomi Putaansuu. And these are not just here for Eurovision: the Wikipedia entry for the group Lordi also reveals that they have four albums (one a compilation for the UK market) under their belt and have already shed three members, two of them apparently still in the line up according to the BBC. Who knows?

Sadly, Finland do not have an automatic bye to the final like the UK, so they have to get through the semi final on Thursday. As a BBC licence-payer I won’t be able to see it as it’s on BBC3. But never mind. May the predictions of Monty Python not come true this year:

You’re so sadly neglected
And often ignored,
A poor second to Belgium,
When going abroad.

Full song here.

In addition, Acid for Blood has some pictures drawn from flickr and a video from YouTube. The BBC of course also has audio of the song (Hard Rock Hallelujah) which I have still not actually heard.

Dan Brown Book Generator

Toby Inkster has created a Create Your Own Dan Brown Novel programme. Use your browser’s ‘Reload’ button to create another novel, each one as original and well thought out as a real Dan Brown best-seller. Via Velcro City Tourist Board).

Smithy Code solved

I’m a bit slow off the mark on this one, I know, but the code hidden by the judge (Mr Justice Smith) in the recent Dan Brown trial has been solved (via Rashbre Central). According to the judge as reported by the BBC the mistake in the code was intentional:

Mr Justice Smith said a typographical error had been added deliberately to ‘create further confusion’